We offer a cost-efficient third-party solution that enables the whistleblower to report
a suspicion of misconduct within the organization in a secure way


What is it?

We offer a cost-efficient third-party solution that enables the whistleblower to report a suspicion of misconduct within the organization in a secure way.

A whistleblower refers to a person who alerts and reports on wrongdoings within his or her own organization. Grey law firm has many years of experience within the area and provides external whistleblower service to several public authorities, state owned companies and private companies.

How it works


Organizations that have a whistleblower service at Grey enable their employees (and possibly even external parties) to report suspicions of serious irregularities to us (whistleblowing hotline) on an anonymous basis.


We offer dialogue with whistleblowers, both through encrypted online services and through traditional reporting channels such as phone, mail and email by which reporting can be made. When a report comes to Grey, a first qualified assessment of the case is made, then it is sent to the designated internal investigation group within the organization with a qualified recommendation for continued handling.


If the organization also wishes that the investigation of the report should be handled externally (third party investigation), Grey also offers an investigation service (in addition to the whistleblowing hotline), whereby Grey’s lawyers investigate the matter and revert to the organization with an assessment as well as suggestions for immediate actions as a result of the investigation.

Benefits of a whistleblower service

  • Reduces the risk of occurrence of wrongdoing within the organization and increases also the likelihood of obtaining valuable reports of wrongdoing at an early stage.
  • Proves that the organization is serious about its ethical guidelines and strengthens its ethical profile by allowing employees, and possibly external parties, to report a suspicion of misconduct. It is also a key sustainability tool for the organization’s board of directors.
  • Contributes to compliance of stricter anti-corruption laws and legislation for enhanced protection of whistleblowers.
  • Organizations with a whistleblower service usually detect irregularities more quickly, resulting in reduced risk of reputational or financial damage for the organization.

Grey’s Whistleblower service offers

Confidentiality obligations

Extensive and statutory confidentiality obligations applicable to the law firm ensures adequate protection of sensitive information and anonymity for the whistleblower.

Qualified assessment

Ensures qualified assessment of received reports as well as qualitative recommendations on continued actions. Grey’s lawyers have many years of experience working with such investigations.


Trustworthy reporting channels which provides confidence for the service.


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