Corporate Investigations

We have extensive experience in conducting a broad range of investigations of companies and organisations and we are often appointed as special examinators under Chapter 10 of the Swedish Companies Act. As lawyers, we are well prepared and trained in conducting efficient investigations.

How it works

Each investigation varies in scope and character depending on how the subject of investigation was initially identified, either within the scope of the organisation’s own preventive action systems or as a result of a whistleblowing matter. The majority of the investigations we manage, however, have one thing in common: we help our clients to clarify a specific sequence of events in a company or organisation, and to identify and analyse relevant legal issues.

We also always recommend specific actions to be taken and solutions as a result of the findings from our investigation.

Our established methodology helps us to determine the scope and to conduct and deliver the results of such investigations, in a manner that maintains the investigation’s independence and impartiality.


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