Anti-corruption is one of the firm’s expertise areas. We are strategic advisers to our clients in interpreting and complying with legislation within this area. We also provide clients with advice on preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of bribery and other corruption, for example by implementing whistle-blower functions and preparing code of conducts.

In case bribery or other corruption occurs, we assist by investigating and handling the issues that arises. As part of our investigative practice, we also conduct special examinations under Chapter 10 of the Swedish Companies Act and other investigations related to corporate or anti-corruption issues.


Whistleblower service

Preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of  bribery and other corruption by implementing whistle-blower functions

Corporate investigations

We have extensive experience in conducting a broad range of  investigations of companies and organisations

Our expertise

Company Law
Real Estate
Dispute resolution
Commercial Agreements
Mergers & Acquisitions